ZUG-5078 Building Web Applications on Spring Framework Using the Across Platform | Devoxx

Building Web Applications on Spring Framework Using the Across Platform


track.4 Server Side Java Intermediate Level

Room 3

Thursday from 16:40 til 17:30

In this live coding session we'll show how Across platform can help us solve 2 common challenges when creating fully custom web applications with Spring.

Creating an administration UI for your domain

In the first part, we'll see how we can easily build an administration UI for managing our data. We'll start by generating a simple application with an example domain model backed by JPA entities and Spring Data repositories. We'll generate an admin UI from this model and go on to explain how it works and show some of the ways to customize and extend it.

Adding basic CMS features to your webapp

In the second part, we'll focus on adding basic web content management functions. Starting from static markup in Thymeleaf, we'll show how WebCmsModule can be used to create content sections editable by the user.

The purpose of this session is to provide a small showcase of some of the open source Across modules. To demonstrate how they can be used to incrementally build a web application, while still retaining the full power of Spring based development. Apart from the Across modules, the most important libraries used are JPA, Spring Data and Thymeleaf.

co-speaker : Steven Gentens

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Arne Vandamme Arne Vandamme

Founder of Foreach, an Antwerp based web platform builder. More than 10 years of experience in developing large websites using .NET, PHP and Java.

Open source enthusiast and creator of Cucumber Web Bridge and Across framework.

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