XQN-0215 Let it go! or How to become a free software developer? | Devoxx

Let it go! or How to become a free software developer?


track.1 Methodology & Culture Beginner/novice Level

Room 3

Wednesday from 13:35 til 13:50

Nowadays, we are talking a lot about diversity in the open source community but most of the time it comes down to a code of conduct. This is not enough! What if we had a look at what we could do to be open to people from all walks of life? In companies? Inside open source projects? How did I ended up being a free software developer? This talk is the story of when, why and how I fell into open source. And finally why I decided to continue in this direction.

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Mélanie Bats Mélanie Bats

I am Mélanie Bats and I work as a software developer at Obeo. In my daily work, I am mainly focused on the development of modeling tools with Sirius like UML Designer. I am also committer for the EEF and the Sirius projects. In my free time I am interested in Arduino stuff and contribute some Eclipse plugins for cross compilation like the Buildroot Eclipse plugin. I am also a free software activist who has organized and participated in free software events in the Toulouse area.

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