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Pipelines: breaking the wall between Dev and Ops

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track.1 Methodology & Culture Beginner/novice Level


Thursday from 13:25 til 13:30

Developers create software in a Development and Test environment. They then throw it over the wall to Ops who have to put it on Acceptance and Production. This classical DTAP street may involve many manual steps, typically involving the part where the software is thrown over the wall.

But there is a way to streamline this process! Drill a hole in the wall and feed a Pipeline through. Make this Software Delivery Pipeline bigger and bigger and the wall may crumble down.

Let me show you some Pipelines and how they got Development and Operations working more closely together in their combined goal of getting quality code delivered continuously.

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Joep Weijers Joep Weijers

Joep is a Build Master at TOPdesk with a keen interest in delivering quality software continuously. He loves playing around with Jenkins Pipelines, Selenium, Docker and keeps in touch with his inner developer by educating his colleagues on testable Java code.

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