TKL-4941 Bean Validation 2.0 - you’ve put your annotations everywhere! | Devoxx

Bean Validation 2.0 - you’ve put your annotations everywhere!


track.4 Server Side Java Beginner/novice Level

Room 8

Thursday from 13:35 til 13:50

Bean Validation 2.0 is out and the theme is Java 8. That’s a good thing since Java 8 brings not only new types to validate but also new locations to put annotations on.

We took that round to add useful things like:

  • @Repeatable on contraints
  • collection elements validation e.g. List<@Email String> emails;
  • Java 8 date / time
  • Optional<@URL String>

In 15 mins, you will see what are the main features of Bean Validation 2.0.

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Gunnar Morling Gunnar Morling

Gunnar Morling is a software engineer and open-source enthusiast by heart. He’s leading the Debezium project, a tool for change data capture (CDC). As part of the Hibernate team, he contributes to Hibernate Search, OGM and Validator. Gunnar is the spec lead for Bean Validation 2.0 (JSR 380). In his spare time he leads the MapStruct project. Prior to joining Red Hat, he worked on a wide range of Java EE projects in the logistics and retail industries. He’s based in Hamburg, Germany.

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