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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are taking over

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track.7 Modern Web Beginner/novice Level


Thursday from 13:05 til 13:10

After the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto build the first blockchain in 2009 a lot has happened. Cryptocurrencies gained market capitalization of more than $100 billion and there’s loads of innovation going on. Ethereum, Dash, Proof of Stake, ICO’s, Forks. I’ll talk briefly about important features of the different coins and blockchain implementations and what issues they address and show data of actual usage.

That’s all nice and interesting, but what are the actual use cases for enterprises, if any? WEspecially if I want to use it for a private blockchain application. I’ll provide lots of examples for this.

In 5 minutes you'll be convinced blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

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Roy Wasse Roy Wasse

New ways to build software better and faster keep inspiring me and I love to share my enthusiasm about this. Technology opens new doors. I've been a professional developer for a number of years and nowadays spending my time as a manager that tries really hard to keep up with the latest developments in the evenings. Also JUG leader at NLJUG in the Netherlands and writer of trading algortihms at Archon Trade.

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