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CERN, from an IT Perspective


track.2 Java Language Beginner/novice Level

Room 8

Wednesday from 10:10 til 10:50

CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, is well known for its LHC particle accelerator, and the discovery of the Higgs particle. Unsurprisingly, innovation in Engineering and Information Technology are key to its success; technologies, such as Computing Grids, the World-Wide-Web, and capacitive touch screens all began at CERN. In this presentation, Derek Mathieson will give an introduction to CERN from an IT perspective. After more than 25 years working at CERN, Derek will share his unique insights of this extraordinary organization at the heart of Europe.

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Derek Mathieson Derek Mathieson

A 27-year veteran in the industry, Derek Mathieson leads CERN’s Administrative Information Systems group. He has a breadth of IT experience that includes embedding systems to control CERN’s particle accelerators; debugging one of the world’s first web browsers; writing device drivers for high-speed optical networks; and building CERN’s e-Business applications and most recently data-warehouses.

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