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Slide Deck Version Management: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ignite Sessions

track.1 Methodology & Culture Beginner/novice Level


Thursday from 13:20 til 13:25

After speaking at a few conferences, I've noticed that as a conference speaker you need to provide session content that is both challenging and versatile. On top of that, your content should be able to fit into different time slots. Whether you are given 35, 45 or 60 minutes of speaking time, your story should remain clear and appealing to the attendees. To make matters worse, in some occasions you are dealing with multiple speakers and / or different languages. And managing the different versions of your slide deck has officially become a challenge!

Analogous to the plot of Sergio Leone's spaghetti western classic, three possible solutions exist: a good one, a bad one and a plain ugly one. I will demonstrate these solutions in reverse order and let you decide for yourself which one you prefer.

So are you a speaker or are you thinking about starting out? Or are you simply a fan of spaghetti westerns? Join me in this Ignite session to get some tips on slide deck version management! And discover that after attending this session, you can avoid spending your valuable time on version management and instead spend it on coming up with some great new session content!

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Hanno Embregts Hanno Embregts

Hanno is a Java Developer, Scrum Master and Trainer at Info Support (Veenendaal, Netherlands). He has over 9 years of experience developing enterprise software in various fields (insurance companies, banks, hospitals, industry) and currently works for the Dutch Railway Company (‘NS’). He loves building innovative software and has a passion for clean, elegant solutions. On top of that, he likes continuous delivery, behavior-driven development and all things agile.

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