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What I learned from Iranian Culture

Ignite Sessions

track.1 Methodology & Culture Beginner/novice Level


Thursday from 13:30 til 13:35

Some time ago I lived in Iran for 6 months. Iranian culture has some crazy quirks that, at first encounter, will make your head spin, frustrate you to no end, and pleasantly surprise you, sometimes all at once!

In this 5-minute ignite session, I will share with you some of the things I encountered during my stay there, what lessons I learned, and what I took back to my home country of The Netherlands.

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Michel Schudel Michel Schudel

Michel Schudel has been a passionate Java developer since 1998, building various Java solutions for banks, insurance companies and telecom providers. Since then he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly in Java land. He loves agile development and coding with micro and meso frameworks like SpringBoot and SparkJava to get up-and-running as fast as possible. Futhermore, he likes to coach junior developers in Core Java. Michel is currently working for Dutch Railways in the Netherlands.

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