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Modular Development with JDK 9


track.2 Java Language Beginner/novice Level

Room 8

Wednesday from 14:00 til 14:50

A modular development style benefits every Java developer, whether the application is one JAR or one hundred JARs. This session introduces the Java 9 module system that's been used to structure the JDK as dozens of reusable modules that strongly protect their internals. It explains how you can create modules to enforce the structure inherent in /your/application, and outlines some best practices for migrating to modules. It will also prepare you for some of the pitfalls of modular development, such as the technical debt present in libraries that rely on JDK internals.

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Alex Buckley Alex Buckley

Alex Buckley is the Specification Lead for the Java Language and the Java Virtual Machine at Oracle. He works on a variety of projects to increase the modularity and productivity of the Java SE Platform, and collaborates widely with experts in academia, industry, and standards bodies. He holds a Ph.D. in Computing from Imperial College London.

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