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Martijn Verburg is the co-founder & CEO of jClarity - a Java/JVM performance tools company. He is the co-leader for the LJC (aka London JUG), from which he runs the global Adopt OpenJDK and Adopt a JSR programmes, two open source projects (PCGen and Ikasan EIP), and is a bartender at the Javaranch. You can also find him answering thorny questions at the Programmers StackExchange.

He's a regular speaker at conferences (FOSDEM, JavaOne, OSCON, Devoxx etc) and is the co-author of "The Well-Grounded Java Developer" (Manning publications).

Martijn was recently selected a Java Champion in recognition for his contribution to the Java ecosystem There are rumors that he might be the infamous Diabolical Developer, but that's clearly just a lie.


track.4 Server Side Java

Opening Up Java EE: Panel Discussion


Oracle, in partnership with IBM and Red Hat, has announced its intention to move Java EE technologies to the Eclipse Foundation, following the delivery and completion of Java EE 8. The Eclipse EE4J top level project charter has just recently been published. Attend this session to hear from representatives of Oracle, IBM, Red Hat on the status of the project, what to expect over the next three to six months, and how this will benefit the Java EE community. Come learn how you can participate.

More panel members will be added shortly.

track.2 Java Language

The Diabolical Developer's Guide to Perfomance Tuning


The Diabolical Developer shows you the steps to take when you get a call at 3:00am saying that your Java / JVM application is too slow. He introduces the Performance Diagnostic Methodology (PDM) which focuses on how to quickly hone into the root cause of a bottleneck and what steps you can take to fix it. After this session you should only have to take hours, instead of days or weeks to pinpoint performance issues in your apps.

track.1 Methodology & Culture

The Java Council


This session will be a fun, entertaining and enlightening session from the Virtual JUG Java Council Jedis, Martijn Verburg, Simon Maple, Oleg Shelajev and special guests. Oh and there will be beer to make it even more fun, entertaining and enlightening. You'll see ignite talks, Java rockstars on stage, interviews with top Java leaders and lighthearted panel discussions. Come for the beer, stay for the tech laughs.

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