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Marc Philipp is a software engineer who works on cloud-based SaaS products for LogMeIn in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a long-time core committer and maintainer of JUnit and initiator of the JUnit Lambda crowdfunding campaign that started what has become JUnit 5.


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Celebrating the Release of JUnit 5

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

In this BOF session, we will briefly review the journey that has led to JUnit 5 which is finally being released. The JUnit 5 team will be there to share what they've learned in the past two years and to answer any questions you have.

track.2 Java Language

JUnit 5 — The New Testing Framework for Java and Platform for the JVM


Over the last decade a lot has happened in the world of Java and testing, but JUnit 4 hasn't kept up. Now JUnit 5 is here to help shape the future of testing on the JVM with a focus on Java 8 language features, extensibility, and a modern programming API for testing in Java. Moreover, JUnit isn't just a Java testing framework anymore. Third parties are already developing test engines for Scala, Groovy, Kotlin, etc. that run on the new JUnit Platform.

In this session, core JUnit 5 committers will take the audience on an example-driven tour of the new Jupiter programming model and show how to migrate existing JUnit 4 based tests. Then, we will discuss the inspiration for JUnit 5, look more closely at its architecture, and discuss compatibility with JUnit 4. Next, we will explore the Jupiter extension model, learn about the extension points it provides, and see how custom extensions for conditional tests, method parameter resolution, lifecycle callbacks, etc. are authored and registered. To round off the session, we will look at the roadmap of what's still to come.

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