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Eugene is a software developer and holds PhD in Computer Science. Passionate about programming, languages, technologies and making this world better. Working at JetBrains and contributing to many own and open source projects. He also speaks Java, Kotlin, GoLang, .NET, Web and native code.


track.5 Programming languages

Kotlin DSLs in 42 minutes


Learn how to create type-safe and statically typed DSLs in Kotlin. The session starts with an introduction to DSL related Kotlin language features. Next, we create a simple DSL in a live coding session and then continue adding expressiveness and language features. We cover a number of examples, like JSON or XML builder's, data binding, configuration & template engines, HTML builders, React wrapper, Web frameworks, Anko and Android layouts, server side and more. You will learn how to create and understand the magic behind statically typed DSLs in Kotlin

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