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From T-Systems

Currently principal expert developer at T-Systems. Over a decade experience mainly in Java Enterprise, but interested in dynamic languages in JVM and experimental features. Open source contributor, blogger. Bulgarian Java User Group co-lead. Conference speaker and organizer.


track.1 Methodology & Culture

Disabled > Work > Enabled


The way we work has changed dramatically during the last 20 years. Physical presence at the office is losing its importance in decision making process and getting work done. With modern tooling and adequate approach even a big software development enterprise can easily go virtual. This opens huge perspectives to disabled people who have the chance to work part time in the office and at home enabling them back to life. Let’s make disabled enabled again!

track.2 Java Language

Java on the GPU. Where are we now?


We will take a look what actually a GPU s. In the beginning we will have a small introduction on how it has evolved throw years. We will see how it can be utilized in the Java world. There will be a small intro to the world of OpenGL. And then we are going to move to CUDA and OpenCL technologies for general purpose massive computations on regular desktops or cloud machines. We will see what are the advantages and what are the main drawbacks.

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