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I am a fan of Java software craftmanship and a constant adopter of challenging development scenarios. In November 2016 my technical passion for cloud application development gained my “ IBM Certified Application Developer - Cloud Platform v1” badge; since then I started to share internally and externally my experience and experiments on Bluemix. My other passions? The usual knowledge hunt through reading, and growing fashion skills through shopping.

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Cloud app developers and PaaS – a Love / Hate/ Love Affair

Ignite Sessions

Are you a cloud app developer? Would you like to become one? Then you should know what awaits you in the clouds. In this talk we will discuss 3 key aspects that matter the most for us as (possible) cloud developers: support, documentation and ease of integration. I will bring to the table my experience with IBM Bluemix and I encourage you to share your own (regardless of PaaS used). The scope of this talk is to create a meaningful "lessons learned" session to help avoid common roadblocks.

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