Friday | Devoxx

Friday, 10th November

Room Exhibition floor Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 8 Room 9
08:30 - 09:30 Breakfast          
09:30 - 10:20   track.9 Mobile & IoT Deep into the IoT trenches: how to build a connected product track.4 Server Side Java Building Event Driven Services with Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams track.10 Architecture & Security How to build an event-driven, dynamically re-configurable micro-services platform track.2 Java Language Collections Refueled track.10 Architecture & Security Application Security in the age of Open Source
10:30 - 10:45 Coffee Break          
10:45 - 11:35   track.9 Mobile & IoT Zero to App - Live coding an Android app on Firebase in Kotlin track.3 Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure Troubleshooting & Debugging Production Microservices in Kubernetes track.10 Architecture & Security A reference architecture to automate content delivery into your CI/CD workflows track.2 Java Language Safely Shoot Yourself in the Foot with Java 9 track.10 Architecture & Security Blue Team Security. Actual Security work for Actual Developers
11:55 - 12:45   track.8 Mind the Geek Image Recognition with Deep Learning - From prototype to production track.10 Architecture & Security The Anatomy of Java Vulnerabilities track.3 Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure Democratizing Serverless: The New Open Source Fn Platform track.2 Java Language Java Language Futures -- All Aboard Project Amber track.2 Java Language An Introduction to JVM Performance
Room Exhibition floor Room 4 Room 5 Room 6 Room 8 Room 9

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