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Introducing JSR 354 - The Money & Currency API


java Java Language

Room 4

Thursday from 13:35 til 13:50

Monetary values are a key feature of many applications, yet the JDK provides little or no support. The existing java.util.Currency class is strictly a structure used for representing current ISO-4217 currencies, but not associated values or custom currencies. The JDK also provides no support for monetary arithmetic or currency conversion, nor for a standard value type to represent a monetary amount.

Enter JSR 354 – Money and Currency. Started in 2012 and finalized in 2015, the objective of this little known API is to provide a money and currency API for Java, targeted at all users of currencies and monetary amounts, both simple but also expandable. The API provides support for standard ISO-4217 and custom currencies, and a model for monetary amounts and rounding. It will have extension points for adding additional features like currency exchange, financial calculations and formulas.

This session will address the motivation behind the API, some of the use cases that it covers, describe the API, and demonstrate the usage through some examples using the reference implementation.

Wim van Haaren Wim van Haaren

Wim is a software engineer passionate about Java and front end development. He has been working in the field for 20 years in various roles: from coach and teacher, lead engineer, software architect, senior back-end and front-end developer, to web designer.

Wim has a strong focus on helping teams and individual developers to continuously improve processes, practices, architecture and technology, and expand their knowledge.

Jeroen Burggraaf Jeroen Burggraaf

Jeroen is a Java/JEE software specialist with extensive experience in the development of webservices, web frontends and batch oriented systems. As a lead developer and scrum master he is used to taking responsibility both on the technical as well as on the organisational side of projects.