EMH-3283 Terracotta Ehcache: simpler, faster, distributed | Devoxx
ssj Server Side Java

Room 10

Wednesday from 17:50 til 18:50

Ehcache, the de-facto caching library for java, was officially released in its third iteration in 2016 -- compatible with the javax caching spec (JSR-107), out of the box offheap storage, and open source Terracotta cluster support. The session will begin with a quick refresher on caching concepts (including the evolution of caching on the JVM, as well as the evolution of Terracotta) followed by a demo on how to detect and fix performance problems in a java application. Finally, we will start scaling our app and see how clustered caching (using open source Terracotta Server) can be used to further cut bottlenecks and save precious resources.

Anthony Dahanne Anthony Dahanne

Software Developer for 10 years+, my favorite topics are Docker, building tools, Continuous Integration and, of course, core Java development. Working for Terracotta, I currently implement the REST management interface for Terracotta products, along with Docker images for our products. On my spare time, I work on various open source projects : from Twitter bots written in NodeJS, to Android apps - with of course their corresponding Docker images if possible :-)