BIC-3525 ScreenPlay: the next stage in automated acceptance testing | Devoxx
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Room 8

Friday from 11:50 til 12:50

With ScreenPlay, writing clean, maintainable automated acceptance tests becomes easy even for testers who are relatively new to automated testing.

Learn how to write robust and articulate tests using the Screenplay Pattern, an innovative approach to writing BDD-style automated acceptance tests that are easier to understand, easier to extend and easier to maintain. You will also witness a demonstration of these principles in action, with live coding of Serenity BDD automated tests, and see how Serenity BDD turns the Screenplay tests into living documentation.

While the demonstration will be in Java and will use the open source Serenity BDD library, the Screenplay pattern can be applied to any language or framework.

John Smart John Smart

John is a London-based international speaker, consultant, author and trainer well known in the Agile community for his many books, articles and presentations, particularly in areas such as BDD, TDD, test automation, software craftsmanship and team collaboration.

John helps organisations and teams around the world deliver better software sooner through more effective collaboration and communication techniques, and through better technical practices.

John is the author of the best-selling BDD in Action, as well as Jenkins: The Definitive Guide and Java Power Tools. Very active in the Open Source community, John also leads development on the innovative Serenity BDD test automation library.

Jan Molak Jan Molak

Jan Molak is a full-stack developer and coach who spent last 12 years building and shipping software ranging from best-selling, award-winning AAA video games through high-traffic websites and web apps to search engines, complex event processing and financial systems. Jan's main focus is on helping organisations deliver valuable, high-quality software frequently and reliably through implementing effective engineering practices. A prolific contributor to the open-source community, Jan is the author of the Jenkins Build Monitor helping thousands of companies worldwide keep their builds green and the delivery process smooth.