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Stefan Tilkov is a co-founder and principal consultant at innoQ, a technology consulting company with offices in Germany and Switzerland. He has been involved in the design of large-scale, distributed systems for more than two decades, using a variety of technologies and tools. He has authored numerous articles, authored and contributed to several books, and is a frequent speaker at conferences around the world.


method_archi Methodology & Culture

Wait, what!? Our microservices have actual human users?


Microservice API styles, service lookups, datastores, scaling – all of our typical discussions about microservices seem to be centered around backend topics. But what about the user interface? How are we supposed to structure what is arguably the most important part of our applications – the one facing our users? In this session we’ll explore the role of the UI aspect in a microservice architecture, look at various methods of modularization, and derive a set of guidelines for avoiding monolithic frontends.

web Modern Web

ROCA: Why you shouldn’t build Web UIs the way you do


Many people who build web UIs go about it the wrong way without knowing about it – and popular frameworks don’t help. In this session, we’ll take a look at the architectural patterns that form the foundation of what makes the browser unique, explore how a developer can use them to build better web UIs using the framework-less style known as ROCA – and see how relying on less fancy tooling can lead to user experiences that are actually vastly superior in many ways.