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From Red Hat

Rafael Benevides is a Director of Developer Experience at Red Hat. In his current role he helps developers worldwide to be more effective in software development, and he also promotes tools and practices that help them to be more productive. He worked in several fields including application architecture and design. Besides that, he is a member of Apache DeltaSpike PMC - a Duke’s Choice Award winner project. And a speaker in conferences like JUDCon, TDC, JavaOne and DevoxxMa.

Blog: http://rafabene.com

cloud Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure

Hands-on with Kubernetes - from basic to advanced features

Hands-on Labs

Today's technology is moving fast towards using containers and managing a fleet of containers. This session will give hands-on experience with creating containers using Docker and deploy a fleet of containerized Java microservices into Kuberenetes. You'll get to: - Build a Java microservice - Build Docker container - Deploy the container into a private container registry - Deploy a fleet of containerized microservices - Learn service discovery - Perform rolling update, canary, and roll backs

In addition, we will also explore advanced features such as: - Secret - securely give your application the credentials and configurations - Daemon set - run the same workload across all of the cluster nodes - PetSet - running stateful applications such as Cassandra or Zookeeper - Persistent volume / claims - store persistent data using volume mounts in the pods - Health checks - check to see if your application is alive and ready to serve traffic - Autoscaling - automatic horizontal pod scaling using CPU utilization metric

The lab can be self-paced - pick your own adventure depending on how familiar you are w/ Kubernetes.