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Gail C. Anderson is the Director of Research and founding member of the Anderson Software Group, a leading provider of training courses in Java, JavaFX, and other programming languages.

Gail obtained her BS in Linguistics from the University of California San Diego and a Masters in Linguistics from San Diego State University.

Gail enjoys researching and writing about leading-edge Java technologies. She is the co-author of eight textbooks on software programming, including JavaFX Rich Client Programming on the NetBeans Platform.

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Java on Mobile : Write once, Run on iOS & Android

Deep Dive

JavaFX 8 offers a rich set of visually appealing UI controls, a convenient property binding mechanism for event handling, and a powerful tool for layout and design. This session shows you how to develop mobile applications with Java and JavaFX and deploy them on IOS and Android devices, all from the same code base. The session begins with an overview of JavaFX UI controls and property binding techniques. After demonstrating an example JavaFX application with FXML, Scene Builder, and Gluon Maps, you’ll learn how to deploy the app on a mobile device (IOS or Android). You’ll also learn how to keep connected mobile devices updated when data in the cloud changes. This session includes several useful examples and shows how Java and JavaFX makes it easy to develop applications that target different mobile devices. This write once, run anywhere (WORA) platform uses an IDE plug in and library support from Gluon to create native applications.