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Docker Tooling for JavaEE Developers


ssj Server Side Java

Room 5

lundi at 18:05 - 18:35

Docker is awesome, but how to use it well when doing Java development ?

In this talk you will get a quick introduction on how to use Docker effectively, especially for Java EE development. We will show how the recent release of Eclipse Mars supports Docker to make it even more integrated into your day-to-day work from within your IDE. In particular, you'll see how you can pull and run an image for a database, build a custom image for an application server, run it and deploy a JavaEE application using data volume, exposed ports and container links. And more !

Xavier Coulon Xavier Coulon

Xavier Coulon has been a Java developer for several years, and since he joined JBoss back in late 2011, he has been working on the OpenShift, JAX-RS, LiveReload and Docker components of JBoss Developer Studio and Eclipse. He has also been working on tools.jboss.org using the magic of Awestruct and the freedom on lightweight markup languages. More recently, he started a side-project that involves MongoDB, Lambda Expressions and bytecode manipulation.