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Process-driven applications: let BPM do (some of) your work


methodevops Methodology & DevOps

Room 7

jeudi at 10:50 - 11:50

Even the simplest application ideas always end up requiring more development than you hoped for: maintaining long-lived state, interaction with other services or human actors performing some of the work, showing current status of ongoing requests, management and reporting, etc. Business processes and rules allow you to externalize some of that logic and dynamically update it, but you don't want your business process management (BPM) system to get in your way either. And every application is different, so you want to be able to fully control every bit of it. Using process-driven application development, you define your application logic in a (flexible) business process, but you also expect your BPM system to help you out with much more than that. In this session we will show you live how to quickly get new web applications up and running by relying on jBPM to provide some of the UI (should you want to), or even to generate parts of your application for you (that you can customize later), so you can focus on what makes your application different. jBPM uses the power of open source and it's flexible architecture to let you decide what you need: nothing more, nothing less.

Kris Verlaenen Kris Verlaenen

Kris Verlaenen is the jBPM project lead at Red Hat. After finishing his PhD in Computer Science in 2008, he joined Red Hat. He has a keen interest in everything related to BPM, and a special interest in the healthcare domain, one of the areas that has already shown to have a great need for flexible business processes.