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Yara Senger has been a tireless Java activist in Brazil for many years. She is a Java Champion and Director of SouJava and she is an alternate representative of the group on the JCP Executive Committee. Yara has led SouJava in many initiatives, from technical events to social activities. She is co-founder and director of Globalcode, which trains developers throughout Brazil and The Developer's Conference besides several Hackathons and other events. In 2011, she was recipient of the Duke Choice's Award, for the JHome embedded environment. Yara is also an active speaker, giving presentations in many countries, including JavaOne SF, JavaOne Latin Ameria, JavaOne India, Devoxx, JFokus, and and get recognized as JavaOne Rockstar Speaker.

Blog: http://blog.globalcode.com.br/search/label/Yara

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Providing Eyes, Ears, and a Mouth to Your IoT Project


This session discusses how you can use Intel RealSense in different IoT projects and contexts to provide amazing user experiences with gestures, text-to-speech, and voice and face recognition. You will see many different demos on a Raspberry Pi computer, an Intel Galileo board, and an Edison computer with sensors, robots, lights, and home-automation concepts. The demos include • Using face recognition for a home automation system • Controlling a remote robot by using gestures + a MQTT gateway + a Bluetooth device • Reading and speaking sensors’ value • DIY security monitoring • Edison Pi laptop: a wooden laptop integrated with RealSense

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Architectures for IoT based on real projects: from Arduino in sailboats to complex Linux smart helmet!

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

During this talk we will show 5 different IoT real projects using different architecture basis: Project 1: We start showing Arduino + MQTT project collecting data from sensors and sending to gateway Project 2: smart helmet for bikers using Raspberry Pi, camera, GPS and cloud to make your bike riding much more smart and fun sharing pictures, paths and more. Project 3: Ta Gemalto Concept Board / EHS6 using Java ME and GSM network to grab the data and present a more M2M aproach to IoT. Project 4: To put all the complexity together we will present our automated sailboat that used a combo with Arduino + EHS6 / JavaME + Raspberry Pi / Java SE with a very smart energy system where Arduino can turn on / off EHS6 or Raspberry Pi and with that we can have different types of MCU / MPU to process the data based on the need. Project 5: To finish we will present our "IoT Surfboard" that is a product launched in Brazil and California which is a complete board to play with IoT that includes temperature, humidity, infrared, zigbee, wifi, bluetooth support, relay, led ana much more. In the end of this talk you will be able to identify which software an hardware is the best choice for your project!